For Equipment Suppliers

NTV USA offers equipment suppliers a network of experienced and proven sales and support professionals that provide customer coverage for Semiconductor and PhotoVoltaic markets.

With over 100 man-years of customer sales experience, NTV can quickly get your products in front of the correct customers. 

NTV is an ideal partner for non-US companies that either need to break into the USA market or are looking for a partner to improve sales results. For US-based companies, NTV offers a less expensive way to start a sales network than a sales force of direct employees.

Sales and Marketing
  • Marketing Presentations for the US Market
  • Translate and Tailor Materials into English for the North American Customer Base
  • Convert Engineering Concepts into Quickly Understood Customer Advantages
  • Design and Collect Market Feedback
  • Identify Key Selling Points

  • Installation and Start-up
  • Post Sales Service and Applications Support

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